College Football's Top Heisman Producers are Heavyweights

College football is one of the most thrilling and entertaining sports, full of intense rivalries, passionate fans, and some of the greatest athletes ever produced. Every year when a new Heisman winner is crowned, it further goes to prove that college football can truly bring out greatness. With over 80 years worth of history now attached to this prestigious award, many schools have had multiple players take home the coveted prize. Read on to learn more about which colleges have produced the most Heisman Trophy winners since 1935!

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The Heisman Trophy has always been a symbol of excellence in college football, and the schools that have produced the most winners are national powerhouses. Schools like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma have been dominant forces in college football for decades, and their success in producing Heisman winners is no exception. USC has been known to produce Heisman Trophy-winning running backs throughout the years, but the award has largely been dominated by schools from the Midwest. However, Caleb Williams winning the award in 2022 brought the Trojans back to the top of the list of schools producing the most Heisman winners. It is a testament to the talent and excellence that has made these schools household names in college football history.

Heisman LeadersTotal Heisman Winners
Notre Dame7
Ohio State7
Alabama 4
Florida State3
Texas A&M2


Heisman Trophy Race Trends

When looking at trends impacting future Heisman standings, insight on how some of the leading schools have fared in recent years may shed some light on what some colleges may emerge as a leader in the Heisman Chase overall standings. 

Some schools at the top of the pack have not had a player win or a candidate emerge in recent years, while Alabama has gained momentum with three winners since 2015.

The Last time these top Heisman producing schools produced a winner was:

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